Lesson 3

Ich bin : I am :

Ich heiße: My name is:

Und wer bist du?:And who are you?:

Wie heißt du?:What is your name?:

Wo wohnst du?:Where do you live?:

Wie kommst du?How do you come?

Ich spreche Englisch: I speak English

Dein Freund:Your friend

Ich komme aus Deutschland: I'm from Germany

Wohnort: place of residence

Lesson 2

Elf: ElevenZwölf: TwelveDreizehn: ThirteenVierzehn: FourteenFünfzehn: FifteenSechzehn: SixteenSiebzehn: SeventeenAchtzehn: EigjteenNeunzehn: NineteenZwanzig: Twenty

Lesson 1

Eins: OneZwei: TwoDrei: ThreeVier: FourFünf: FiveSechs: SixSieben: SevenAcht: EightNeun: NineZehn: Ten

My German lessons and Notes

My intention is to learn the Languages German, Turkisk, French and Spanish. These pages are dedicated to my everyday learning and progress I make towards learning. This is meant for revision and note taking, that would be accessible across multiple platform and from any area or region in the world I might find myself.

I do hope it is going to be fun.